Important information regarding Building Permit Applications

Published on Thursday, 1 April 2021 at 1:30:04 PM

Important information regarding Building Permit Applications

As of May 1st all building permit applications will need to meet the latest edition of the Building Code, the NCC BCA 2019 + Amendment 1.


Until that time applications could meet either the previous edition of the Code (2016) or the latest edition (2019 +A1).

A summary of the major changes are:

  • Removal of transitional provisions for energy efficiency compliance
  • Changes to the star rating assessment for energy efficiency
  • Adoption of new Australian Standards for framing requirements
  • Waterproofing requirements in wet areas
  • Condensation management requirements added


Applications received on and after the 1st of May will be assessed against the 2019 +A1 edition of the Code.

Application forms and building compliance advice can be found HERE or by contacting the Shire’s Building Surveyor.