Ranger Services

Animal control is an important part of the duties carried out by the Shire of Gnowangerup. This includes dealing with reports of wandering dogs and livestock.

The Shire of Gnowangerup Ranger Services is managed by WA Contract Ranger Services Pty Ltd.

WA Contract Ranger Services will be attending the Shire of Gnowangerup once a week, however a ranger can be reached 24/7 by contacting Matt Sharpe on 0459 678 154.

Emergencies* will be attended to as soon as possible and any non-emergency related enquiries/requests can be directed/lodged at the Shire of Gnowangerup Offices on 9827 1007 during the office hours of 9:00am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday. All requests will be attended to on Ranger visiting days.

*Emergencies include:   Livestock on the road and Dog attacks in progress.

Dog Registration

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered. Dog registrations fall due on 31 October each year and can be paid in person at the Shire Administration Office at 28 Yougenup Road Gnowangerup.

Working dog concession (75% discount on the non-discounted fees below) is available to persons using dogs for the droving or tending of stock. 

Registration fees for dogs are as follows:

Type Cost
1 year sterilised $20.00
1 year unsterilised $50.00
3 year sterilised $42.50
3 year unsterilised $120.00
Lifetime sterilised $100.00
Lifetime unsterilised $250.00

Note: Pensioners are granted a 50% concession

Click on the link at the bottom of the page to download a dog registration application form.

Dog Microchipping

The Dog Act 1976 states that a dog must be microchipped to be eligible to be registered. From 1st November 2015, ALL DOGS must be microchipped (unless a certificate has been provided by a veterinarian stating that the implantation of a microchip may adversely affect the health and welfare of the dog).

Dogs must wear a collar with the registration tag attached to the collar. This will significantly improve the chances of lost dogs being reunited with their owners.

Dog Sterilisation

It is not a legal requirement to have your dog sterilised, however discounts apply to the registration of sterilised dogs.

In accordance with the Dog Regulations 2013, partial refunds of registration fees are applicable where a dog that has been registered as unsterilised is subsequently sterilised within the registration period.

Cat Registration

Cats can be registered for a period of one or three years and lifetime registration is also available. Cats must be microchipped and sterilised before cat owners can apply to register their cat. Cat registrations, which are due on 31 October each year, can be paid in person at the  Shire Administration Office at 28 Yougenup Road Gnowangerup..

Cat registration fees are as follows:

1 Year $20.00
3 Years $42.50
Lifetime $100.00
Note: Pensioners are granted a 50% concession

Cat Microchipping

All cats must be identified by a microchip and are required to wear a collar and a registration tag. Identification ensures that a lost or injured cat can be easily returned to its owner and enables Rangers to easily determine if a cat is a pet, a stray or a feral animal

Cat Sterilisation

Under the Cat Act 2011 the owner of a cat that has reached six months of age must ensure that the cat is sterilised by a veterinarian, unless the cat is exempt from sterilisation.

A cat is exempt from sterilisation if any of the following apply in respect of the cat:

  • a certificate given by a veterinarian stating that to sterilise the cat may adversely affect the health and welfare of the cat applies in respect to the cat;
  • the cat is owned, for the purpose of breeding, by an approved cat breeder;
  • the cat belongs to a class of cats prescribed as exempt from sterilisation.


Dog Registration Form

Dog Complaint Form 

Cat Registration Form

Cat Complaint Form

Animal Complaint Form