Building Services

Building Licenses

Most building activity within the Shire can only be undertaken with the approval of Council. Building application forms are available from the Shire office or can be accessed from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety link below. Additionally, if you are building a house that requires septic tank, a 'Septic Application form needs to be submitted at the same time as your building application. The Shire has engaged the services of a Building Surveyor, who is available to assist with any building related matter.

Town Planning approval and a Building License must be obtained before commencing work on any of the following:

  1. Erection of any building or outbuilding.
  2. Alteration or any additions to existing buildings.
  3. Demolition or removal of any building.
  4. Construction of any below ground swimming pool.
  5. All houses must be designed by a practicing structural engineer to resist earthquake activity.

For more information regarding requirements for a Building License please contact the Shire on 9827 1007.

Building Forms

Building forms can be found on this website -

Building FAQs

Development approval

Prior to submitting a building application and before commencing your development you may also be required to seek planning approval from the Shire to comply with the Shire of Gnowangerup Local Planning Scheme. Development approval is required for a range of development and use within the Shire. For more information please contact the Shire office on 9827 1007.

When is a building licence required?

A building licence is required for any building in the Shire for the development of new structures, alterations, extensions, sheds and swimming pools. Similarly a demolition permit is required before any demolition works can commence.

What documents are required to be submitted?

Two copies are required of the following:

  • Site Plan showing setbacks and distance between buildings and streets and a fully dimensional floor plan

  • Elevations & structural plans

  • Structural design drawings or certification

  • BAL Report (when in a bushfire designated area)

  • Energy Efficiency Report (for houses and commercial development)

  • Completed application form

What do I need to do if the building work is more than $20 000?

The work needs to be completed by a Registered Builder or registered Owner Builder.

What fees are applicable?

For information regarding fees please contact the Shire on 9827 1007.