Stirling Range National Park

The Stirling Range National Park is the destination for nature lovers to come and see the opulence of flora and fauna. Others may come here to test themselves through abseiling, hiking and rock climbing.

Here you will find some of the best mountain walks in Western Australia. If you are interested in doing any of the mountain walks you must be prepared by ensuring someone knows where and when you are traversing the ranges, always carry water and be cautious of the rapid weather changes that can persist. These mountains can have mists, wind chill and rain can also occur at any time. 

The park is also home to an abundance of wildlife including kangaroos and wallabies, emus, rare spiders, numbats, eagles, black and white cockatoos and numerous other native birds. It is also one of the most outstanding botanical reserves in Australia and is noted for its spectacular wildflowers, some of which are unique to the area and cannot be found growing in their natural state anywhere else in the world. The best time to view the wildflowers is during spring from August to November.

The walks that are available are:

LocationDistance (meters)
Bluff Knoll 1096m
Toolbrunup 1052m
Ellen Peak 1012m
Mount Trio 856m
Mount Magog 847m
Mount Hassell 847m
Talyuberlup Peak 783m

Stirling Range National Park