Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Officer is responsible for the implementation of the Health Act and other related legislation, in particular food handling and control legislation applicable to shops and eating-places.

Chemical Hazards

Managing the Environmental Health Risks of a Discovered Clandestine Drug Laboratory


Useful links for Asbestos products

Management of Fire Damaged Asbestos


Public Health Planning

 Shire of Gnowangerup Public Health & Wellbeing Plan 2022


 State Public Health Plan


Built Environment

Guidelines for Managing Mould


After a bushfire – hazards on your property (healthywa.wa.gov.au)

Biological and Applied EH Hazards

Guidelines for Managing Large Public Events 


Mosquito Management in the Great Southern

Mosquito Borne disease reports

Mosquito Season Information


Mosquito Management Plan

Mosquito Plan June 2021

Info No. 1

Fight the Bite Mosquito Campaign


Personal Appearances

Code of Practice for Skin Penetration Procedures


 Skin Penetration Procedures and the Law (in Western Australia)



Foodsafe Online Environmental Health

FoodSafe Online is a Food Handler Training Program for individuals. This is a fully online course with training videos and questions. FoodSafe® Online was developed by Environmental Health Australia (Western Australia) in consultation with state governments, academia, local industry and consumers.

Being a fully online course, you can log in, in your free time and in the comfort of your home to complete the training. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a certificate .

Shire of Gnowangerup residents can now purchase the FoodSafe Online course free of charge from the website below


On the payment details page, use the unique discount voucher “FSGNOWA358” and it will apply the $35 discount. You will need to complete the transaction and follow the downloadable instructions to register and start the course. A printable certificate is available, once you have successfully completed the course.

For more information, please call the Shire Office on 08 9827 1007.

Australian Food Standards Code (ANSFA)


Food Unit (WA Health) Notices



Code of Practice for Design, Construction & Management of Aquatic Facilities


Australian Drinking Water Guidelines


Managing Risks in Recreational Waters


Septic Tank Applications



Food Act Notification/Registration Form

Requirements for the Establishment, Construction and FitOut of Food Premises

Environmental Health FAQs

Intention To Prepare & Sell Food

  • You need to obtain written permission from the Shire of Gnowangerup (the Shire) Environmental Health Officer (EHO) prior to preparing and selling food.
  • Where food is prepared for sale such as a food shop or catering or included with accommodation, you must first obtain a Food Business Registration. All persons handling food must wear protective clothing & be trained in food hygiene.
  • Bed & Breakfast, Farm Stay, Shearers Quarters, the operator MUST obtain a Food Business Registration.
  • Where food is prepared for fundraising purposes, a Food Traders Licence is not required for occasional sausage sizzles & other prepared foods. If unsure, please contact the Shire's EHO.
  • Alterations to food shops MUST be approved in writing by the EHO PRIOR to commencing construction. Failure to do so may incur an infringement notice of $500.

Noise Complaint

  • No person or organisation is to create unreasonable noise, but an occasional interruption will likely be considered acceptable.
  • Unwanted noise from industrial machinery, loud music, parties & motor vehicles is not acceptable at any time.

Impacted residents are encouraged to lodge a written complaint with the Shire.

Drinking Water

The Shire will sample drinking water monthly in rural areas where it is to be used in food shops and locations where people pay for accommodation.

The Shire charges a small fee for routine water testing as adopted in the Shire’s Annual Fees & Charges.

Swimming pool water is also tested monthly during the summer season.

Rural homeowners can arrange for their drinking water to be tested for bacterial contamination by contacting the Shire Administration Office on 9827 1007.


Where a house or business is connected to an onsite wastewater treatment plan (septic system) or Aerobic Treatment Unit, the connection MUST first be approved by the EHO prior to use.

If an owner wishes to install a new leach drain or alter existing plumbing pipes, written approval from the Shire MUST be given prior to commencement.

Accommodation & Public Venues

  • Owners of farm stays, chalets, rural accommodation, camp schools & shearers quarters MUST seek Shire approval prior to providing accommodation. Owners MUST contact the Shire where accommodation is provided & the premises are unlicensed.
  • All club rooms, halls & places for public assembly MUST be assessed by appropriately qualified Shire officers for building fire & evacuation safety. The Shire will issue a Certificate of Maximum Accommodation which includes the maximum number of users.

Club secretaries are required to contact the Shire’s EHO to arrange an inspection if the building does not have a Certificate of Maximum Accommodation.


  • Prior to removing asbestos cement sheeting, homeowners should contact the Shire to ensure they comply with new laws.
  • The Shire does not have a licence to accept asbestos disposal at our landfill sites.
  • There are new rules in place for the removal of asbestos & asbestos cement sheeting. Failure to follow Shire direction may incur a $500 fine or legal action.

Tattoos & Piercing

  • Shire written permission is required where hair dressing, skin penetration or tattooing is to take place.