Strategy and Governance

The Shire of Gnowangerup is committed to implementing and maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and strategy. In determining what those standards should involve, the Shire has been reviewing, developing and implementing a number of corporate governance and strategic plans in order to comply with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1995 (and associated regulations and other legislation applicable to the functions of local government).

The Council of the Shire of Gnowangerup is responsible for setting the strategic direction and establishing and overseeing the corporate policies and financial position of the Shire, and monitoring the business and affairs on behalf of its citizens, residents, ratepayers and visitors. The Council is elected by the community to whom they are accountable.

Further, the Council takes specific responsibility for:

  • the appointment of the Chief Executives Officer,
  • the final approval of management’s development of corporate strategies, financial and performance objectives,
  • the review and modification of all internal controls with respect to internal and legal compliance and its code of conduct,
  • The implementation of the Shires corporate strategies and objectives,
  • Ensuring that appropriate resources are available to achieve the Shire’s strategic objectives,

The Council is responsible for the overall Corporate Governance of the Shire including the strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring the achievement of these goals.

The Shire of Gnowangerup has 9 elected Councillors.