REQUEST FOR QUOTE RFQ2023-1 - Provision Of Replacement Footbridge (Park Street, Gnowangerup, WA, 6335)

Published on Wednesday, 7 December 2022 at 3:09:13 PM


Provision Of Replacement Footbridge (Park Street, Gnowangerup, WA, 6335)

  1. Scope of Works.
    Remove current footbridge structure located at Park Street, Gnowangerup, WA, 6335.
    Construct and install replacement structure as per provided plans.
  2. Site Location

Park Street, Gnowangerup, WA, 63355

  1. Old Structure

Existing wooden stringers with wooden plank deck and steel rails are to be removed and disposed of at the Gnowangerup Waste Facility.

  1. New Structure
    Steel framed concrete deck with steel posts and wooden rails mounted on concrete footings.
    Finished deck height to match existing footpath levels.
    Structure to conform to supplied plan and specifications.
    Structure to be tied into existing footpath levels using concrete that meets disability standards.
  2. Work Health & Safety
    All personnel and contractors must have all required licences and qualifications as required under both State and Federal Laws.
    Crane Use - The Shire’s Manger of Works is to approve all crane access and positioning.
    Traffic Management is the responsibility of the contractor.
    Site and Road Safety Signage is the responsibility of the contractor.

  3. Insurance

The submission must include proof of public indemnity insurance to the value of twenty million dollars

  1. Site Safety

The work site must be fully fenced and signed to prevent public access.

  1. Additional Information.
    Quotes must include a lump sum figure inclusive of GST to complete all works.
    Quotes must provide a timeframe by which all works will be completed.
    Quotes must include all relevant qualifications.
    Quotes must include all Insurances held.
    Quotes must include the amount of local content and details of local suppliers.
    Any damage that occurs to road, drainage or other Shire infrastructure during the process of these works will be the responsibility of the Contractor to repair. If the repairs are not done to the Shire’s standards as determined by the Manager of Works, any costs incurred in repairing the damage will be charged to the contractor.
    The existing water course must not be interfered with, changed or modified.


Assessment Criteria

Price                                                                  40%
Local Content                                                   20%
Previous experience                                        20%
Deliverable Time Frame                                  20%


All questions relating to this RFQ are to be directed to Mr Geoff Carberry, Assets & Waste Management Coordinator via email: or phone:  0499 899 423

Submissions may be made:

In person at the Shire of Gnowangerup Administration Office, 28 Yougenup Road, Gnowangerup; or Via email to              

Submissions close 4.00pm Tuesday 17 January 2023.

Late submissions will not be considered.   


Work Site