Dog Attacks

Published on Wednesday, 21 June 2023 at 9:15:19 AM



If you have been attacked by a dog or seen animals attacked, here are some guidelines to follow a dog attack:

Seek Medical Attention- even if your injuries appear minor, it’s crucial to have them assessed by a medical professional as there may be some underlying injuries that aren’t immediately apparent.

Report the incident- contact us at the Gnowangerup Shire on 08) 9827 1007. You will be required to fill out a complaint form where you can find on our website Dog_Complaint_Form_7.pdf ( We will then get in touch with our Ranger who will investigate the situation and take appropriate action to prevent further incidents.

Gather information- if possible, try to obtain as much information and any relevant details about the dog.

Document evidence- take photographs of the dog attacking you or another animal, your injuries, other animal injuries, torn clothing, any other visible damages caused by the attack and including the location, time of day.

Contact the police- If the attack was serious or if you were injured, call the police. If injuries are life threatening, please call 000 or 131 444 for non-life threatening.


Kind Regards
David Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer