Stock Crossing on Roads

Published on Monday, 12 December 2022 at 10:14:37 AM


With Harvest in full swing, many livestock owners might be looking at moving their stock into other paddocks which may result in stock being moved across roads.

It is important that livestock owners are meeting their legislative responsibilities when undertaking this task, for not only motorist’s safety, but also the safety of themselves and the stock.

The Road Traffic Code 2000 regulates the driving of stock across roads, and under Regulation 276 it states;

A person shall not drive stock along or across a road unless the person —

(a) takes all reasonable precautions to warn approaching traffic of the presence of the stock; and

(b) arranges the driving of the stock at such times, and in such numbers, and establishes such control of the stock on the road, as is likely to prevent it causing unreasonable delay to the passage of other traffic.

Main Roads WA have developed guidelines for livestock owners to ensure that they meet legislative requirements when undertaking stock road crossings. This guideline can be found here:

The guideline also includes information such as the appropriate signage required as well as minimum spacing distances depending on the posted speed zone for that road.

Fines can be imposed to stock owners that do not comply with legislative requirements, and also may be liable for any injuries or damages caused in the event of an accident occurring.

For further information regarding this matter, or to receive a printed version of the Main Road Stock Crossing Guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the Shire on 9827 1007.

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