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Published on Friday, 26 April 2024 at 11:10:07 AM


As you will be aware from my previous communications, Shire of Gnowangerup Medical Practice General Practitioner Dr Oluwole Oluyde (Dr Wole) recently informed the Shire he would be resigning from his current contract, ending 13 years of service as our local GP on 30 June 2024.

After his decision was made known to us, Deputy Shire President Rebecca O’Meehan and I met with Dr Wole and Practice Manager Kemi to offer our thanks and appreciation for their service to our community, and to enquire what actions, if any, the Shire could undertake in order he might reconsider his resignation. Dr Wole took this on board but advised the following day they felt the time was right to move on.

During the meeting Dr Wole offered to provide locum coverage, should we have needed it, through to the end of 2024 or until the Shire was able to engage a new Doctor for the practice. Dr Wole also offered, if needed, to provide support during the transition period of engaging a new doctor. Council and Shire staff gratefully accepted both offers.

Dr Wole’s resignation has created much uncertainty within our community, and I do understand that. Like you, my family and I value and appreciate having a GP and hospital in our Shire.

I would like to reassure all ratepayers that securing and maintaining medical resources remains a top priority issue for council. The health and wellbeing of our entire community and the provision of medical services, including our hospital and Mallee Springs, remains clearly at the top of our list of the most important services funded by our Shire.

Dr Wole assured me on Wednesday of this week (24/04/2024) that he intends to work with the Shire during the handover process with a new doctor.

Sourcing a new GP will not be a quick or easy process as it involves many contractual negotiations, regulations, and due diligence to be undertaken. I ask for your patience and understanding in this regard. In the interim, Shire staff are working with WA Country Health Services to attain a continuous delivery of medical services.

On behalf of Council, I will endeavour to keep the community informed and updated while the procurement of new medical services gains pace.

As always, I encourage any member of the community to speak with me regarding this issue. I am always interested in your concerns, thoughts and ideas and am available to chat with you over the phone or at the Shire offices.

Thank you to those members of the community who have already taken the opportunity to contact me to respectfully share their thoughts and seek a better understanding of the current situation. Council appreciates those supportive community members who understand the challenges we are facing. As a Shire we are committed to finding a satisfactory outcome to maintain the excellent health services provided by the Shire of Gnowangerup Medical Practice.

Kate O’Keeffe
Shire of Gnowangerup

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