About the Horsepower Highway

The Highway is a dynamic route with an ever changing face with new machines being added frequently. Running along the Broomehill-Gnowangerup Road and through to the Stirling Range National Park along the Formby South, there is plenty of tractors on display! So come along and enjoy the drive!


The Horsepower Highway Map Is Live!

Another incredible achievement from the GNP360 group, saw the completion of a Google Map that has all the current tractors, their names, photos and some information on each!
So jump in the car, take yourself on a Sunday drive and follow the trail from start to finish!
Be sure to click on the pop up box that appears at the bottom of the screen for photos and details on each tractor!

Travel Itinerary

Travelling from Perth? Click the link below to view the best route to view The Horsepower Highway


The Horsepower Highway is used by trucks and cars so if you are stopping or reducing your speed to look at the tractors, please use your common sense and put safety first!

  • Pull over, only when it is safe to do so and well off the road.
  • Put your hazard lights on.
  • Be mindful of other vehicles that may appear from around corners and be cautious of other tourists.


The Horsespower Highway is an initiative founded by the GNP 360 Co-Operative. Should you wish to contact the group or donate a tractor, please email or message them on their Facebook Page