Disclosure of Gifts & Contributions to Travel

Local Government Act 1995 amendments

As of 20th October 2019, council members and CEOs are required to disclose gifts that are received in their capacity as a council member (or CEO) and –

  • are valued over $300; or
  • are of a cumulative value that exceeds $300 where the gifts are received from the same donor in a 12-month period.

Contributions to travel costs, whether financial or otherwise, will no longer be treated separately. These are now incorporated within the definition of gift.

Real time reporting of gifts is achieved through requirements to disclose all gifts within 10 days of receipt, for the CEO to update the register within 10 days, and for an up-to-date version of the register to be published on the local government’s official website.

To view the current public GIFT REGISTER from 20th October 2019 click HERE

To view the public Gift & Travel Register prior to 20th October click HERE