AHA COVID-19 Hygiene Courses

Published on Saturday, 24 October 2020 at 8:19:00 AM

The WA State Government has mandated that as a condition of re-opening, hospitality and tourism businesses must have all staff trained in the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Tier 1 COVID-19 Hospitality and Tourism Hygiene Course.

Managers and supervisors are required to complete the more advanced Tier 2 COVID-19 Hygiene Officer Course to ensure their staff and venues remain compliant with the COVID-19 restrictions and hygiene standards.

Having a more detailed understanding of the following training modules contained in the Tier 1 COVID-19 Hospitality and Tourism Hygiene Course, Hygiene Officers will ensure best practice is adhered to so that patrons and staff remain safe.

Tier 1 - COVID-19 Hospitality and Tourism Hygiene Course  (all staff)

Tier 2 - COVID-19 Hygiene Officer Course  (managers and supervisors)

 For further information visit www.hospitalityhygiene.com.

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