In accordance with Section 5.60A, 5.60B,5.65, 5.70, 5.71 and 5.71A of the Local Government Act 1995 and Clause 34C of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations, disclosures of Financial, Proximity or Impartiality interest are registered.

Members’ interests in matters to be discussed at meetings (s 5.65) and Employees interests relating to advice or reports (s.5.70)

Employees interests relating to delegated functions (s.5.71)

CEOs interests relating to gifts in connection with advice or reports (s.5.71A)

Financial interest

A financial interest is where it is reasonable to expect that a matter being considered will result in a financial gain, loss, benefit or detriment for the person declaring the interest.

Proximity interest

A proximity interest in a matter is where the matter being considered involves redevelopment or other changes of use of land that adjoins or has a common boundary or is directly across a thoroughfare to any land belonging to the person making the declaration of interest.

Indirect financial interests

An indirect interest is where a matter being considered by the local government relates to another person with which the person making the declaration has a financial relationship.

Impartiality interest

An impartiality interest is where there is an actual or perceived relationship that could adversely affect the impartiality of the person making the decision, and includes family, friends or membership of an association.