Women's Morning Tea

Presented by Peter Kenyon and the Strategic Community Planning Team

At the Gnowangerup Community Resource Center on Monday 22nd May 2017 from 10:00am - 12noon.

This is your chance to be involved in the development of a plan for the Shire for the next 10 years.


What is the Strategic Community Plan?


The Shire of Gnowangerup is developing a new Strategic Community Plan. The plan will provide Council with direction on where to allocate the Shire’s precious and limited resource to make sure that the community is provided with the services it needs, while also making sure that the Shire is sustainable into the future.


Big decisions need to be made about how we can better manage the limited resource that we have without increasing the burden on ratepayers. Discussion topics will include:


1. The Shires Levels of Service

2. Big Ideas for our Future

3. Priority Issues

4. Sustainable Management of Shire owned Buildings


By having a good quality plan now, as a community we will able to capitalise on opportunities, retain what is good about our community and secure our future.


How can I get involved?


The Shire will be holding a series of focus groups that will include people from all walks of life. Each focus group will be asked a series of questions and participants will be encouraged to give feedback about their personal views on each topic. Participants will also be encouraged to put forward realistic solutions to community challenges.


The Shire will then recruit a person from each demographic to take part in the first regional Citizen Panel. Each Panellist will represent one of many diverse views and will be a representative for their section of the community. With the help of facilitators, the Panel will come together to work to find solutions to the challenges and opportunities that the Shire faces in the next decade.


If you would like to be involved or provide your feedback, please contact the Shire on gnpshire@gnowangerup.wa.gov.au