Shire staff are often asked what should be placed in recycling bins and also what happens to the material in the bins when they are emptied.


Warren Blackwood Waste was the successful tenderer when the waste collection contract recently came up for renewal. Mat Webb from WBW has this to say about recycling:


“We have had a lot of enquiries recently from most of the shires we service, in regards to recycling material and where it ends up.


Aluminium and steel cans as well as paper and cardboard are easily processed and we are able to get those processed quite easily, through Remondis in Perth.


Glass has been an issue for a long time and there hasn't been a receiver for a number of years now. WBW uses it as cleanfill at our Kojonup landfill site so we encourage everyone to put it in the recycling bin.


In general, we encourage people to put the following items in the recycling bin:

  • paper/cardboard/magazines, etc
  • all plastics
  • aluminium (alfoil wrapping)
  • steel cans
  • glass


The cleaner the material the better, but as long as there isn’t still food or anything in the containers, it isn’t a problem.


Grease, oil, etc on paper or cardboard is fine.


We sort all materials by hand at our facility in Kojonup, and encourage any Shire or interested residents to come for a look at any stage. The reason we accept materials other companies will not is because we have the ability to stockpile and are optimistic about recycling into the future.


If you have any questions or would like to organise a tour of our facility, please get in touch with us”


Mat Webb

Warren Blackwood waste

0429 792 373