The Shire of Gnowangerup was recently audited for Occupational Safety and Health practices by LGIS assessors. The result was an outstanding 94%, which resulted in us being awarded a  Tier 2 Diligence in Safety Certificate, and $1,500 towards our risk management funding pool. This is great recognition of the work that has been put in place to date by the organisation as a whole.


LGIS Regional Risk Coordinator, Monty Archdale had this to say: 

“Dear Bob, just a quick note to say congratulations to the team - this award for diligence would not have been achieved without everyone’s effort at the shire. I am particularly aware of some of the intense activity in rounding up actions and so forth in the weeks heading into the audit. In the longer game, much of the systems maintenance, robust and long-term performance comes down to both Vin’s stewardship on the committee, and in particular, the very hard work, commitment and diligence of Anrie. To have moved from a score in the basic Tier 1 of 88% to a score of 94% in the more rigorous Tier 2 in three years demonstrates both an outstanding effort, and a utilisation and realisation of the 3 steps to safety program to its full intention. The success of the journey will be realised by LGIS in presenting the Award at the Risk Forum in Albany on the 5th and 6th  December to your team in front of some 60 of your peers on the Thursday. I hope the whole shire can bask in some of the success and take stock to re energise and move to the next tier in the three years ahead. Congratulations again, and please pass on my thanks and extend my congratulations to Anrie who I know put in some very, very hard work in ensuring the shire systems were presented/evidenced in the best possible light on the day.”


The award demonstrates the Shire’s commitment to ensuring that work safety is an integral part of our operations, and that every staff member and contractor can come to work feeling confident that they are in a safe workplace.