On 29 April 2016, the Hon. Tony Simpson MLA, Minister for Local Government; Community Services, Seniors and Volunteering; Youth, launched the State Government’s MyCouncil website:

The website presents the last four years of audited data provided by local governments in their Annual Reports and Compliance Audit Returns. This information was already publicly available and has long been open for scrutiny on local government websites.

It is important, however, that the information provided on the MyCouncil website is seen in its proper context, especially around interpreting simplified measures such as percentage rate increases, and financial health indicator (FHI) scores.

These measures are only indicative of the overall performance of a local government. Because one local government receives a higher or lower FHI rating on the MyCouncil website, does not necessarily mean that it is performing better or worse financially than another local government. Inviting direct comparisons based on simplified measures can often be misleading.

To properly understand the financial picture of a local government a member of the public needs to look at the broader picture and consider the many complex factors that contribute to it, including the range and level of services provided to the community, the efficiency of service delivery, and community satisfaction with their local government.

Local government officers are constantly working to improve their local government’s performance and to produce positive outcomes for their communities.