Through the provision of recycled sporting equipment we hope new life is breathed into it and the equipment can be put to good use within your community.


Fair Game aims to reduce the risk of lifestyle related disease, build social cohesion and improve mental well being. Through the use of this equipment and your help we believe this will be able to happen.


Our first busy bee of the year is on Sunday 8 April 2018, we invite you to send through any "wish lists" of sporting equipment which you may require. No list is too big or too small. 


To submit a "wish list" to Fair Game, please complete a Wish List Form by 23 March 2018. Don't hesitate to complete multiple forms if you require greater than 5 different types of sporting equipment.


For more information visit the Fair Game website: www.fairgame.org.au


If you have any questions please contact us at recycle@fairgame.org.au.