Recently the mature sugar gum near the Shire Administration Office dropped a very large branch across the car park. Due to public safety concerns the Shire commissioned the Arbor Centre in Perth, a professional Arboricultural Company, to provide an arboricultural assessment to report on the condition of the tree and provide guidance in determining the appropriate course of action for the future.

The report identified that this mature tree has issues due to its pruning history which has caused poorly attached branches and recommended that to keep the tree and reduce safety issues for the public a variety of remedial are required. This includes remedial canopy pruning, a fall arrest system and ongoing professional monitoring. The cost of the recommended remedial work is very expensive and there is no real guarantee that another branch will not fall.

The Shire Council understands the aesthetic value of this tree however public safety is the priority so the decision to remove the tree is seen as the safest option.

The tree will be professionally removed in the near future.